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  • Regime for 11 yearsregime In the world of modern technology and speeds dietary keep get interested in even the teenagers, the problem of excess gravity observed in people from 11 to 18 years. Diet for 11 years teen’s correct, useful and active, most likely in the case where the power while enough balanced dietary as potential. Diet for 11
  • Regimen for 11 yearsregimen In the world of contemporary technology and speeds regime possess become interested in even the teenagers, the issue of excess weightiness observed in people from 11 to 18 years. Regimen for 11 years teen’s correct, useful and efficient, most likely in the case where the power while enough balanced dietary as possible. Regime for 11
  • German regimedietary Greetings! Presently I’ll tell you about a very fashionable and efficient regime with which you can throw up to 18 pounds in 7 weeks. This regime is one of the longest, but the effect is worth it. However get started! German dietary carte for 7 nedelMenyu dietary for the first 7 days-Monday alone drink h2o
  • Worst regimen of 2011!dietary Known diet Ducane named worst regimen, which followed celebrities in 2011. Experts of the British Dietetic Association enjoy your own opinion about the power of the system and consider it the most bizarre. Because it involves the use of enriched protein of meat and fresh fish, however comfortably as exclusion from the dietary of carbohydrates.
  • Menu for the weekdietary Attention! This is approximately the menu, so you can navigate and make their own. You can replace, append your own, substitute all dishes according to tasting, their money purse (the like fresh meat – just a more cheap fish). And that those who will sit for the 1-st time on this diet! – You fresh

Regimen for 11 years

In the world of contemporary technology and speeds regimen possess become interested in even the teenagers, the matter of excess mass observed in people from 11 to 18 years. Diet for 11 years teen’s correct, useful and active, most likely in the case where the power while pretty balanced regimen so possible. Diet for 11 years. Power Design: The power supply system for teens basically involves soups from vegetables. The most useful of cereals – oatmeal and buckwheat. Speaking of bread, it is best to stay at the protein fresh bread, it satisfies hunger for a long time, less calories and stomach delayed longer. In power 11 – year-old child to comprise seafood, you are valuable minerals and rich in vitamin B. It is assumed in this diet and yogurt, and liquid milk, lower-fat cheese, eggs and short-fat cottage cheese. Must refrain from fried foods. Regime, 11 – year old boy allowed to eat in the evening, but in the 2 hours earlier bedtime and not after. For these teens diet may differ significantly from those adolescents who are already 16 or 17 years, because at this age it may at the present time hold days of discharge, and even approximately of the products to add to your regime, for example, coffee and mushrooms. For boys and girls 11 years of age is required calorie diet food. Diet for boys and girls need not be hard. To reduce calory, be aware that caloric your money had to exceed 20% per time dietary must be 30 percent fat, 20 percent protein and 50% carbohydrate. If a teenager (boy or girl) is engaged in physical work or exercise, the calory should be increased to 20 percent. If the adolescent obesity appears, then the calorie meal must identify the doctor. Applying the fasting days in a daily regimen of adolescents, to cut the fat capacity by 30% and eliminated completely from the regime of teenage sweet, while increasing protein intake per day to 100 grams. In our present time, crackers, chips, fast foods and carbonated water, the number of adolescents in the 11 – year old rising obesity. And of course they immediately install themselves the question: “As to lose weightiness? ‘. Obesity threatens serious complications. Among them, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And then immediately the measures to reduce and stabilize the gravity. And however it is best to sit down to an efficacious diet that will help a teenager lose weight. Regimen for 11 years – of a teenager. The two chief rules: 1. Remember, not all regimen are for “adults” you fit. 2. Do not strive to lose weight speedily. Lose weightiness steadily and slowly! You need a regimen to reduce fat deposits, and sports (cycling, jogging and swimming pool pool) create proper metabolism and, of course, your weight will bring one to the norm. For any young person of this age claim to develop their personal effectual regime. Given beloved foods so that the body, which in this age of growing, however easily as possible accustomed to the new regimen meal. It want be remembered that a regimen, a teenager should get all the indispensable vitamins and minerals. Incorporate in the dietary diet multivitamin supplements later consulting your doctor. Here are about regimen menus for the 11-year-olds: Breakfast: Lower-fat curds with honey – 150 grams, boiled eggs, glass of liquid milk or weak tea. Lunch: Veggie broth with the addition of peas, chicken fillet – 150 g Snack: Any vegetable or fresh tomato nectar, slice of toast with butter and cheese. Dinner: Veggie salad, lower-fat baked crab. Some of the recommendations in this version regime dlya11-year-olds: 1. Too many underestimate the role of breakfast. A breakfast if it is a complete, one of the general meals for a healthy lifestyle. In the morning your aging body calory in reserve is not delayed, and during the time is spent. It turns out that the breakfast – the most significant nutrient in the regimen. 2. Drink on an empty stomach natural honey soluble in warm water. 3. Soup for lunch, soup prepared in veggie soup. Besides the usual fresh cabbage, add to Brussels sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower. You are very short in calory, but very great benefit. 4. Change with turkey fillet chicken. Boil the fresh meat good. 5. Preferably not salt fresh tomato juice. 6. If potential, a salad of greens, refill only with olive butter.


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