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  • Dear Ladies!regime Youth, beautiful, good form, courage, great feeling – who among us does not dream about them? Postroynet we need and lose gravity for variant causes: someone discovers that beloved glad rags for approximately reason “village” in someone’s life suddenly appears “Prince Charming”, for which you need to look good, etc. And one time Go to
  • COCOA REGIMEN SLIMMINGdiet Cocoa regime – a regime for true connoisseurs of taste who are going to lose gravity without depriving yourself favorite treat. Cocoa regime is not only tasty, but also useful. Now we will prove it to you. In the contemporary world today invented much of regimen, which are getting harder to find every day. Nutritionists
  • The prose of your: it’s time to regimeregimen Alas, alas, sadly, but sedentary work and sedentary hobby did the dirty deed… Ishnie 15 kilogram – a disaster! Change jobs? – But I same it one that involves working with documents and computer.. Replace hobby? – But I like to knit, knitting, crocheting, shuttle – no matter, however long so it calms me down
  • Dear Ladies!regime Youth, lovely, goodness figure, courage, nice feeling – who among us does not dream about them? Postroynet we must and lose gravity for various causes: someone discovers that loved glad rags for some reason “village” in someone’s life suddenly appears “Prince Charming”, for which you want to look better, etc. And one time Go to
  • The prose of your: it’s time to dietaryregime Alas, alas, sadly, but sedentary work and sedentary hobby did the dirty deed… Ishnie 15 kilogram – a disaster! Substitute jobs? – But I like it one that involves working with documents and computer.. Substitute hobby? – But I similar to knit, knitting, crocheting, shuttle – no issue, however long as it calms me down

Lesson 1-st. Who am I? Why should I? The aim is, do plans

I welcome all the ladies on your blog! Now we’ll talk some whether you really something for which you keep come here. No, I’m not trying to talk to you all, currently you have to think about is your fancy, or your body is really indispensable and useful to get rid of extra pounds. On my example, I’ll show you what kind of questions you want answer. You should review their answers, not to make a mistake, you should review your answers to see what works best for you: have rid of the hated inches at the waist or love me with all my flaws. If you do the rightly decision at the end of the path of self-improvement you happiness in the world and, most importantly, lustiness. Why am I losing mass? Starting “capital” – more than 70 kilogram (damn genetics) with development of 161.5 centimeters (it is all the same). But I should to be careful because I get bunch of diseases that limit the regimen and some exercise. How I’m losing gravity? I’m going to strive the diet Duke, because even before she learned about it, I guess that requires physical activity and protein based. Actually, I believe that we need not go to extremes, however mono-good effect do not lead – in any case, there are side effects. But fat is good synthesized in the use of high-fat and carbohydrate foods, especially the excessive apply. But we need in any case, remember that even the ability to crash down proteins and to synthesize new substances. Also do not forget approximately vitamins and minerals! Now spring is just beginning, and if you beginning to eat, say, a meat, you will inevitably earn beriberi. It want be all goodness to think, not to harm your body. Do not force your aging body! Do not eat just any one product! Do not consume ten times less power than expend – your body you will remember all the abuse and come back and you will become a victim of his own desires. Do not go hungry! You may encounter not only with anorexia or obesity, when you return to a healthy lifestyle, but also diseases of the digestive system and the thyroid gland. Who am I? I love a girl that wants to help the suffering people get rid of your problems. What I’m interested in? I am a self-study Italian, I write fanfiction for various works, very good learning, earning about disciplines best scores. I love the trilogy “The Hunger Games” and I look forward to 1-st part of the movie, the movie “Twilight” and the TV series “The Vampire Diaries” however good as books on which they were taken. I love alternative rock and dance music (the latter will help losing gravity, if the required physical activity.) By the way, psychology – an significant aspect of our course. Wish to find yourself – find the passion, whether macrame, Chinese language, painting, writing books or music. The regime must not harass you emotionally, even physically used to it you can be difficult. The regime should be fun, then It is possible to say with confidence that you are on the right track. For what I’m losing weightiness? First, I’m really not an idiot TURNED trendy diet, drinking tons of chocolate, dreaming “approximately it” “on the pvc window sill,” and smoking cigarettes vanilla. I am for a healthy life and I respect myself. My dream – not fancy 20 kilogram, and the struggle to heredity. My dream – to get a normal mass. For me the “normal” – is not unhealthy thinness, I need to be healthy. I should to enjoy healthy children. Thus, secondly. Secondly, I yet really love, how I keep mentioned before, but love gives strength to even the most desperate. The general thing – the dream, the goal, the desire. Hold that thought! Is the purpose of their money? You are all well aware that the goals do not always justify the means. You should be aware of your actions. Is this useful for your body? Whether it’s him or it’s your fancy? Dietary needed for healing the aging body and not for the cherished “forty kege” actively marketing otfotoshoplennymi million times or anorexic models hangers. It’s no secret that we live in a society that consumes. And I hope you possess enough common sense to realize that the goal of all of these models – to earn money for your work, not to make you better. They work for those who hire them, and they are beneficial to the “people shaval” and bought tons of unnecessary jars, useless exercise facilities and harmful “low fat” products, even more calories than average food. I hope you read will help to create the rightly option. P. S. All sorts tickers – a good incentive, if you often sit on the internet.


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